HÅN and her synth-pop lull you into “It’s Better When I’m Asleep”

“It’s Better When I Sleep” is taken from HÅN‘s sophomore EP, to be released via Factory Flaws.

22-year-old singer-songwriter HÅN has already tasted success with her 2017 release The Children EP, which established her place in the over-saturated dream pop genre. She is now ready to take her sound further with “It’s Better When I Sleep”, the second single off of her upcoming so-far untitled EP, following the first single “gymnasion“, released earlier this year.

Beginning with synthetic droplets falling on the ears of the listener, “It’s Better When I Sleep” feels like a lullaby with drum beats and vocals that come together to form an angelic and soothing harmony. In the middle of the track, snippets of a trumpet elevate the sound into one of intrigue. Lyrically, the song is a pensive, reflective look at a friendship, as she sings “I hope some day I’ll be glad to have known you.”

Hailing from Italy’s Lake Garda, an iconic piece of Italian beauty, HÅN draws her motivations and inspirations from her everyday surroundings. And this shows: when you’re listening to this track, dreary city landscapes seem far in the distance and the atmosphere of a still night takes over. Intriguing also is what HÅN had to say about the track herself:

Sleeping is really a strange thing if you think about it. every living creature does it, and it is as if everyone stopped existing for a while. but it’s necessary, can you imagine living without ever stopping? This song is like falling asleep: intimate and reassuring, but also imaginary and illusionary. But for a while, it’s okay to escape and take shelter in something that’s not real. that is what this song does to me, and hopefully to everyone that will listen and take time to care.

Max Herridge

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