Jinka lives a hedonistic experience in “Countdown Forever”

Transylvanian producer/songwriter Jinka comes back with an explosive catchy pop single “Countdown Forever” where she explores our banal life and makes it a dream.

After the release of her singles “Trash From The Past“, “Flesh To White To Black To Flesh” and “Shock Mounted“, she gives us all of the colors that we needed for Spring. With this season comes an idea of infinite fun, and there is no way to stop. Wrapped in vocal effects and addictive synths, there is no way to resist the feeling of dancing and forget. About the track, Jinka explained:

“Countdown Forever” is about an illusional state of infinite hedonistic experience. The title is paradoxical. But just because something is paradoxical it doesn’t mean you can’t explore the idea of it. I think, what I generally do when I’m writing is that I try to take a different perspective on the mundane, dip crude reality into some sort of surreal glossing, romanticize it without smoothening the contours.

Jinka‘s “Countdown Forever” is out now.

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