Jordana traverses her struggles with mental illness on chiming cut “Divine”

Quickly rising Wichita-based talent Jordana gears up preparations for the release of her latest EP To You with the drop of single “Divine” out via Grand Jury Music.

The first single from multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter Jordana’s upcoming EP To You has been revealed in the form of the tinkling track “Divine”.

This EP follows her self released debut album Classical Notions Of Happiness, which she penned when she was 18, and follow up EP Something to Say which was released back in late July. These two EPs put together – along with some fresh material – will culminate to form the Something To Say To You LP.

With producer MELVV back once again on board, “Divine” is both expansive and personal, with a pulsating electronic vibe beneath the organic sounding chimes. The track has the vulnerability that is a staple of Jordana’s work, with the focus of the track being on her struggles with her mental health.

When talking about the song, she explained that “‘Divine’ is a song I wrote that speaks on the exhausting cycle of emotional battles and mental recovery that I’ve endured from past relationships”.

Lyrically, “Divine” encapsulates this feeling of hope and dogged determination to find somewhere peaceful. With one verse stating “Gotta find your ways that you can be happy/Whether it be singing this or therapy/I just know this life can be a blessing” we hear Jordana having a conversation with her own psyche, trying to convince herself to stay positive and to find the will to overcome her mental struggles.

This builds up to a cathartic chorus that repeats the sentiment “Some day I’ll find / Somewhere divine”. It’s both hopeful and wistful, a true yearning for the day when her battles with illness are fewer and farther between.

Her vocals entwine with the stoic chimes and electronic drums, crooning in a way that’s heartbreaking in its hopefulness and positivity. With “Divine”, Jordana delivers a message to all the people struggling with internal battles. Tomorrow will be better. Watch the Nick D’Agostino-directed visuals below and pre-order the To You EP via Bandcamp.

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