Julia-Sophie explores the dark side of love on earthy single “I Left You”

Julia-Sophie returns with sophomore single "I Left You," taken from her upcoming EP Y? due April 22 on Beanie Tapes.

Oxford-based talent Julia-Sophie is back with her second single ahead of the fast-approaching release of her debut solo EP, Y?. In uncertain times and a changed household dynamic – the artist has two small children that are at home due to school closures as a result of the virus that we shall not speak of – it’s important to remind ourselves of the good and the times before the madness. “I Left You” is Julia-Sophie’s response to that, it’s her call back to the normalcy that was before.

The song is, in Julia-Sophie’s words, “about falling in love and the overwhelming feelings that come with love; the self-doubt, the unknown, the turmoil that emotions can throw at you that are out of your control – and desperately wanting to be okay, and be loved. The painful process of feeling torn and facing my own feelings. But at the same time dreaming about a better future.”

“I Left You” displays earthy drumming tones that ground the track despite the visuals of fleeing and escape. The breaks in the track, where silence fills, allows a certain breathing time for the listener. It’s a time to reflect upon the emotions that Julia-Sophie has presented, those ups and downs of romance. On tops of displaying the uncertainties of love, the second-guessing and doubt, the trilling synths that ebb and flow also give the soundscape a touch of the grandiose.

Accompanying the track are some Siobhan Cox-directed visuals that see Julia-Sophie fleeing physically on a ferry, yet seemingly unable to escape from her inner emotional battles. The intercutting of the sped-up roads and the vastness of the crashing ocean, when paired with her physical movements that reveal her true feelings, creates a glorious dichotomy, one that emphasizes the subject matter of the track.

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