Kat Duma debuts her new self titled project with enigmatic track “System”

Toronto-based vocalist and producer Kat Duma reinvents herself with “System”, the debut single from her new project.

Having established herself as an accomplished producer and vocalist under the alias Kaade – releasing two EP’s under the moniker since 2017 – Kat Duma marks the start of a new era with her latest single “System”. Performing now under her own name, it’s to be expected that the music created is personal and introspective. “System” sees the beginning of this ruminating and self-discovering side to Kat Duma.

“System” is moody, yet celestial in tone, perfectly balanced in darkness with flecks of light transforming the soundscape into one of swirling wonder. It has a lot going on within it, but it doesn’t feel busy. In fact, it centres itself around a repetitive, layered backdrop anchored to a mixture of electronic and organic sounding drums. This isn’t exactly a new feature for Kat Duma as a lot of her previous work already made clever use of drum tones. Yet, she introduces a languid nature with “System”.

The track has inflexions of Warpaint in the dreamy bassline that warbles through this percussive world, following the haunting but crystalline vocals of Kat Duma. The journey we embark upon is one that calls to mind an eerie jungle at night; ominous in its quiet power yet simultaneously beautiful to behold. Peppered with odd howling noises, the track eventually culminates into a ball of rather tender and fragile chimes, with our percussive guide having exited the track.

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