Kate Teague wrangles with her feelings on stripped back cut “Play for Time”

Southern singer-songwriter Kate Teague takes us back to basics with melodic cut “Play for Time”.

Known for her delightfully folksy sound paired with diaristic, unfiltered lyrics, Kate Teague resists the urge to declare her love on latest track “Play for Time”. Inspired by a period of time where Kate was trying to “contain my urge of wanting to tell someone about my feelings for them, out of fear they may not feel the same way.”, “Play for Time” sees the New Orleans singer-songwriter do what she does best: play the guitar and sing through her feelings.

The stripped-back sound is an admitted “ode to Big Star,” and it shows in the most delightful way. It’s simplistic and directly speaks to the heart of the listener. Originally intended to remain a demo, “Play for Now” possesses that unpolished edge, one that ironically enough, makes the track truly shine.

With its frank honesty and salt of the Earth approach, “Play for Time” encapsulates all that is great about Kate Teague and her music. There’s not a single ounce of pretension about her, just words from the heart.

On top of this, Kate Teague’s vocals have never sounded so beautiful; surrounded by a raw acoustic guitar, “Play for Time” honestly feels like a stumbled upon bedroom recording – and that’s meant as a compliment. It’s an impassioned outpouring of emotion that manages to avoid any melodrama.

With uncomplex lyrics like “I like it when we lie awake and I can hear your window shaking/while I hold on to the way I feel around you/If you knew how I feel, would it shake you?” the track calls to mind unrequited love and that delightfully sickly feeling that comes hand in hand with falling in love with someone and not knowing whether your feelings are reciprocated.

Perhaps this may sound unpleasant, but listening to “Play for Time, you’d never have guessed it. Stream below and support the artist via Bandcamp.

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