Bedroom pop newcomer keaton dekker debuts with nostalgic cut “makeup”

keaton dekker‘s self-released debut track, “makeup,” is taken from his upcoming The unwelcome series EP.

An East London musical and visual artist adding many shades of the pop culture to his palette, keaton dekker debuts with “makeup,” a dreamy and nostalgic slice of left-of-centre pop. The track is taken from his upcoming debut EP, the unwelcome series, which narrates the tragic events experienced by his character and his inner circle.

“I made “makeup” in my bedroom,” he explained. “To record my vocals, I’d turn the boiler off in my room so it would be quiet enough. After a while though, my Mum would tell me to turn it back on when it got that bit too cold. With the song, I remember playing around with this warbly arpeggiator sound and the rest of it followed. A friend showed me ‘Vienna’ by Ultravox which was an influence for “makeup” too. But my aim was to create escapism and atmosphere. I wanted the sounds to take me far away and sound exactly how I felt.”

“The visual team for this single are all friends and was very much a DIY project,” keaton dekker then added. “Everyone that worked on the project was either queer or POC which was important to me.”

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