KRNA return with soaring and ethereal new single “I’m Wrong”

Philippines-based indie pop quartet KRNA return with a simmering track, “I’m Wrong,” after taking a ‘restful sabbatical.’

With six years having passed since the release of their first EP The River Gold (released back in 2018), the indie dream pop quartet KRNA are back with another hazy guitar-led single in the form of “I’m Wrong”. Their latest offering is described as the “somber sister” of their 2023 single “Dream Again”, which saw KRNA end out the year with a blissed out, 90’s tinged track. A signifier for what’s to come in 2024 and beyond!

After re-formatting the grid on their Instagram – a sure sign of exciting things in the near future – the quartet announced their latest single “I’m Wrong”, marking the first of 2024 for the Filipino group.

Timidly plucked opening strings set the scene for a beautiful soundscape of ethereal and swirling indie pop. The vocals are typical KRNA; the layered and textured tones create atmospheric and lush swathes of sound. Ethereal yet dense, the track, which confronts darkness head-on, is a masterful puzzle, designed to reveal the picture to the listener at the perfect time. Injected in the build up is the thrumming electronic drums, paving the way for the blazing guitar that marks the halfway point of the track. By the time we get to the cathartic release, the openly strummed guitars and battering of the drums, we’re primed and ready for it. Carried out by the lead vocals, we leave “I’m Wrong” on a euphoric high.

Rachel Chandler