Laura Wolf’s “Cross Your Mind” is playful and inventive art pop

“Cross Your Mind” is taken from Laura Wolf‘s new EP, Artifacts, out November 12.

Laura Wolf is a cellist, singer, and producer currently based in Providence. During the pandemic, Wolf started developing her solo career by uploading numerous demos and sketches to Bandcamp. Hers is a peculiar brand of pop music, one that combines glitchy electronica with string and flute arrangements. The fact that visionaries like Kate Bush or Joanna Newsom come to mind should serve as enough praise for Wolf’s songs.

Eclecticism is at the centre of Wolf’s project. She cut her teeth participating in all sorts of musical projects, from rock to classical by way of ambient. By pursuing a solo career, Wolf strives to combine all these myriad influences into lively pop music. And so far she is succeeding. The first song off her new EP Artifacts, “Cross Your Mind” is a perfect example of Wolf’s ethos. The song is brimming with different sorts of arrangements, playing off each other to produce hook after hook. Laura Wolf organically creates an environment where synths can mingle with flutes without sounding jarring. Though there is a sense of melancholy to “Cross Your Mind”, it is disguised by the addictive playfulness of the instrumental. In our current pop climate, a song that evokes sadness without resorting to morose vocals and stark arrangements is a welcome breath of fresh air.

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