Lisel creates a shimmering and otherworldly “Digital Light Field”

On “Digital Light Field,” Los Angeles multi-instrumentalist Lisel flaunts her strongest instrument yet: her voice.

Lisel is the brand new solo project of multi-instrumentalist and experimental vocalist Eliza Bagg. Bagg is best known for her work as a vocalist, violinist, and synth player in the Brooklyn art rock band Pavo Pavo. After a few years of classical vocal performance and collaboration with other indie artists, she’s returned with a newfound desire to explore the limits of her voice as an instrument. That desire has manifested as Lisel.

“My main instrument is my voice, not a keyboard or a guitar, so I wanted it to be the genesis of every song,” says Bagg, who is now based in Los Angeles. “I was trying to use the resources I had within me, within my body, to make something that feels true about the way we live our lives now, in 2019. That’s why I wanted to focus on my voice—I wanted each song to be literally made out of me.”

Backed by a drum machine and a constellation of glittering synths, Bagg’s vocals swell and modulate on “Digital Light Field.” It’s the second single from her upcoming record Angels on the Slope, out July 26 on Luminelle Recordings. Despite being cloaked in digital effects, her voice retains its soulful, human quality, making the track sound more angel than alien. It soars and falters organically, as if emphasizing that at the heart of every digital experience there’s still a human author. Check out “Digital Light Field” below.

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