Listen to Alessandro Ciminata’s melancholic single “Flashing Lights”

There is no doubt that we are huge fans of London-based artist Alessandro Ciminata who just shared with his new refreshing single “Flashing Lights”.

After the release of singles “Last Call“, “Demons” and “Love Locked Out“, the young promising artist deals with his own mortality in his new track. Inspired by retro sounds, he brings a sense of melancholia to his music. About the meaning behind the track, Alessandro Ciminata explained:

Sometimes I stop and think “shit, I’m growing old”. It’s a beautiful thing but at the same time scares me a lot. I feel better if I think that if I remain true to myself, I will never give up on youth. “Flashing Lights” is all about finding the real you and never let it go, despite time and ageing.

Alessandro Ciminata‘s “Flashing Lights” is out now.

Matias Calderon

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