[PREMIERE] Alessandro Ciminata shared warm and hypnotizing "Last Call"

After sharing his debut EP in June of last year, London-based indie pop artist Alessandro Ciminata shared a few weeks ago his new track “Last Call” that was presented by our collaborator Deer Du Bois on his last playlist. He now, has decided to premiere the video for it, here on Highclouds.

Co-produced by Richard Frenneaux, who is behind the works of Laura Welsh, “Last Call” has captivating sounds, catchy choruses and impressively intimate lyrics. Embracing electronic vibes in this new twist for his career, he delivers a perfect love song, just after Valentine’s Day. His own personal style floats in a place between Alex Vargas and Jack Garratt. The video showcases a vintage turn, showing his personal love for old glamorous romance.

You can follow Alessandro Ciminata over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud. You can also listen to the audio of “Last Call” below.

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