Listen to Kyoti’s electro-pop ballad “Chimera”

The London-based trio KYOTI have capped up a modest year with the release of a new single titled “Chimera”. After the debut single “Cave In” was released in May, the group followed up with “Curved Edge, Straight Line,” then by “Acceptably Sane” and the trajectory has shown the three-piece, made up of Benji Huntrods, David Mabbott and Ed Burgon, ability to delve deeper into their -identifiable style.

Kyoti‘s track draws from John Grant’s intelligent lyrical prowess fused with the minimalist textures associated with electro producers such as SOHN, James Blake and Kavinsky. The group’s lead singer explained:

“Chimera” is about moving past the loss of a loved one, and that strange internal conflict you feel at times of great change.

You can follow Kyoti on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud.

Matias Calderon

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