Little Simz shares personal short movie I Love You, I Hate You

Little Simz‘s I Love You, I Hate You – The Film was made in collaboration with WePresent, the digital arts platform of WeTransfer.

A couple of months ago, Little Simz released Sometimes I Might Be Introvert, one of our favorite albums of 2021. Today, the British artist shares her debut film, directed by Sam Pilling, in which she is also starring. Dealing with repressed memories and her relationship with her father, this project is particularly personal. “I Love You, I Hate You is the story of abandonment,” she explains. “How trauma can affect us in our adult lives if never confronted. I wanted to make this film because I feel it’s a universal story that many people can relate to. It’s been incredible to work with a partner like WePresent (the digital arts platform of WeTransfer) who are so invested in telling stories like this. They understood and trusted my vision from the jump and had my back to create the film I set out to make.”

Earlier this week, Little Simz also performed “Speed” on Jimmy Kimmel Live.