Los Angeles-based trio Dessert shared innovative visuals for “Checkmate”

Los Angeles-based trio Dessert shared the video for their latest single “Checkmate” where they showcase a cinematographic vision of their music, directed by Danica Arias Kleinknecht.

As their music is extremely visual, the trio and the director tried to develop an atmospheric vision of their track. About the video, they explained:

“Checkmate” is the final music piece of “Songs for Children.” We like the risk of forcing the audience to either be entranced or repulsed by an unconventional hero. We like using the idea of darkness and light as a double edged sword to communicate about honesty in pop music. There’s a magic to truth that polarizes people, and we’re not afraid of that. We want to thank all of our loved ones for making this come to life. Thank you & new Dessert coming soon.

After the release of their last innovative video for their track “Eyes Wide Shut” alongside an EP-USB inside a custom bunny candle, Dessert shows their capacity to explore innovative and creative ways to share their music. You can follow them over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can check the audio of “Checkmate” below.

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