LST explores longing and burning desire on Shlohmo-produced “Everything”

LST‘s “Everything” is out now via Wedidit Records.

Los Angeles-based vocalist and songwriter weaves enchanting synth-pop under her moniker LST. Her initial demos not only caught the ear but also amazed renowned producer Shlohmo, leading to a captivating collaboration. Building upon the momentum of her debut EP Closer, released in 2022, LST recently resurfaced with the ethereal dance track “Everything.”

“‘Everything’ was born out of intense longing, desire, and obsession,” explains Tischler about the track. “I wanted to convey these feelings, which feel very solitary, through the lens of a club banger. It’s an end of summer song to dance to and/or cry to.”

EDIT: LST dropped the “Everything” video, directed by Morgan Maher. Watch below.