Magdalena Bay announce Mercurial World Deluxe, share remix of “Chaeri”

“Chaeri (Danny L Harle Remix)” is taken from Magdalena Bay‘s Mercurial World Deluxe, out on September 23 via Luminelle Recordings.

One of our favourite albums of 2021, Magdalena Bay‘s debut record Mercurial World will be reissued in September in a deluxe version. “The Deluxe is a miss mosh of sorts, an amalgamation of new songs that didn’t originally fit the flow of Mercurial World, of reimagined versions of existing album tracks by us and some talented remixers, plus some special secrets,” they explained. “When we started working on the Deluxe, we wanted it to flow like the original album did. These secrets tie the record together in a cool way, we can’t wait for everyone to hear it.” Alongside the announcement, they also shared a Danny L Harle remix of their masterpiece “Chaeri” as well as the itinerary of their upcoming tour.

Magdalena Bay Mercurial US Tour

Magdalena BayMercurial World Deluxe

1. “Secret 1”
2. “The End”
3. “Mercurial World”
4. “Unconditional”
5. “Dawning Of The Season”
6. “Secrets (Your Fire)”
7. “Secrets 2-9: Medley”
8. “You Lose!”
9. “Secret 10”
10. “You Lose! (8-Bit)”
11. “Something For 2 (Cecile Believe Remix)”
12. “Chaeri”
13. “Secret 11”
14. “Halfway”
15. “Hysterical Us”
16. “Secret 12”
17. “All You Do”
18. “Prophecy (Synth & Strings)”
19. “Follow The Leader”
20. “Secret 13”
21. “Chaeri (Danny L Harle Remix)”
22. “Chaeri (Piano & Strings)”
23. “Dominó (Spanish Version)”
24. “Dreamcatching”
25. “Secret 14”
26. “The Beginning”
27. “Mercurial World (Piano & Strings)”
28. “Secret 15”

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