Mahalia sings her broken relationship in boozy video for “Sober”

The British 18-year old artist Mahalia shares hazy video for her debut “Sober”.

Born in Leicester, the artist gets inspired by broken relationships and that moment when you get finally a person away from your life. That moment when you realize that a relationship wasn’t meant to be. About it, she explains:

Finally! I’ve been waiting to share this with you and now I can! Here’s the video for my debut single #SOBER. This story is totally about the morning after. Thinking about the night before – all the mistakes you made, all the muddled texts you sent. I always talk about how this song is a representation of realising a situation is not good for you and getting yourself out of it. This is me waking up and smelling the roses. Now that I am sober…

You can follow Mahalia over Twitter and Soundcloud.

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