Marian Hill throws in their twist in this remix of Billie Eilish’s “Bellyache”

Indie electro-pop has fresh, young face and it’s that of Billie Eilish.

Los Angeles-based Eilish has garnered attention for her tracks such as “Six Feet Under” and “Ocean Eyes”. She has a voice that’s a refreshing mix of soft gentleness and confident smoothness. It’s distinctive and reassuring. Recently she released a track “Bellyache”, which got a reworking by the songwriter/producer duo Marian Hill of “Down” fame. This collaboration elevated this track to levels that has rendered me absolutely speechless.

Billie Eilish’s otherworldly, fluid voice and Marian Hill’s talents lead to an undeniably really, really good remix.

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The original “Bellyache” had a distinctive Billie Eilish mix of harmonies and her ethereal vocals. However it was a bit more ballad-y with the verses backed by a simple acoustic guitar and drumbeat. It’s simple and haunting. Marian Hill, who have an impressive repertoire under their belt, put their own distinctive spin to the track, bringing a certain multifaceted eclectic-ness to it.

The beat has been completely reworked, and the vocals have been slowed down a touch, resulting in a darker sounding track. The bass has been turned all the way up and the beat is deep and broody and slightly synth-y as well. It’s snappy and somehow manages to be both subdued yet in-your-face at the same time.

The pre-chorus is synth heavy and builds up and drops, flowing into the chorus, which is probably the most distinctively Marian Hill-esque part of this song. The vocals are distorted and modulated in the way that Marian Hill knows best. The bass is dark and dangerous. I just think we really need to take a moment and really appreciate the production value of this whole thing. It’s super clean and seductively dark with certain spots of brightness cut in, leading to a super refreshing sound.

Billie Eilish’s otherworldly, fluid voice and Marian Hill’s talents lead to an undeniably really, really good remix. It’s got the deep bass vibes that can belong in a club, yet it also has an emotive exquisiteness to it as well.  It’s truly a piece of art and I can only hope the two electro-pop powerhouses collaborate on another track one day.

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