Full-fledged experimental pop project Membra releases “Always Blue”

“Always Blue” is taken from Membra‘s forthcoming debut album, Blocks of Color Blocks of Sound, slated for release on May 9th.

Through Membra, Brooklyn-based composer Ned Porter constructs an immersive sonic playground, blending his innate artistic prowess as a sound designer and filmmaker with the thrill of exploring uncharted musical territories, resulting in singular songwriting that lingers in the mind.

After the release of Membra‘s debut single “Running,” Porter returns with “Always Blue,” unveiling yet another facet of his creative persona. Much like “Running,” “Always Blue” prompts us to contemplate recurring patterns that shape how we zig-zag through life, offering a moment of introspection and self-observation of our emotional landscape.

Opening with the gentle chime of a bell and delicate string arrangements hinting at a somber song, “Always Blue” surprisingly blossoms into a vibrant kaleidoscope of serene sounds and textures. Brought to life by found sounds, tape loops, dreamy synthesizers, and Porter‘s repetitive, mantra-like lyrics and gentle voice, “Always Blue” exudes an undeniable meditative quality, offering an immediate sense of escapism from the get-go.

While unique in its own right, “Always Blue” evokes a certain nostalgia, enhancing the song’s universal appeal: an idyllic soundtrack for mundane pleasures like sipping lemonade on a sun-drenched lawn or witnessing a freshly-taken Polaroid being flicked into color. Whether you pick up on echoes of another time, like the Beach Boys‘ timeless sound or an analog-like, retro aesthetic akin to Arcade Fire‘s long-forgotten “Vampire Forest Fire,” there’s no doubt Membra‘s single stands confidently on its own. In its balanced, sweet, and simple composition, “Always Blue” serves as a harmonious gateway to the imagination, inviting listeners to slow down and bask in the moment.