Moon King and Vespre join forces on synth-tastic track “Seconds From You”

Canadian artist Moon King and Detroit-based Vespre come together on synth-based single “Seconds From You,” out today on Arbutus Records.

With the state of the world, well, like it is, togetherness is more important now than ever. Moon King and Vespre recognise this and have so kindly dropped their collaborative effort “Seconds From You”. The pair cover numerous influences and backgrounds between them, which makes for a dynamic and audibly rich experience.

Toronto-born Daniel Benjamin AKA Moon King first released a shoegaze album back in 2015. With his recent take on the disco and synth-pop genres, his music is both futuristic and nostalgically funk infused.

His counterpart on “Seconds From You”, Kaylan Waterman AKA Vespre, hails from an altogether different place. Coming from Detroit, she credits her specific sound to her upbringing in which she was exposed to both gospel and house; this eclectic mix has led to her singular sound and vocals, a style which aims to emulate the “the moments that stand between the day and the night”.

Recorded in just two days in a disused office block, “Seconds From You” is the sound of two worlds meeting and colliding to harmonious effect. Moon Child took care of the music itself and the production elements of the track whilst Vespre worked on penning and performing the vocals. The final rendition melds itself together impressively.

With a mammoth one and a half minute instrumental introduction, we are slowly introduced to this call to arms. “Seconds From You” stays steady with its beat, following the synth-laden backdrop with purpose. Vespre’s silken vocalisations meander in and out of the nostalgic ambiance that Moon Child weaves, to delightful effect.

In these times of general oddity and discord, the comforting “Seconds From You” couldn’t have come any sooner; it’s a perfectly pitched and stellar collaborative effort.

Rachel Chandler