Mr Twin Sister do another 180, go cumbia pop in “Polvo”

Mr Twin Sister‘s new single, “Polvo,” is out now.

Mr Twin Sister have had one of the wildest career paths in recent times. Led by vocalist Andrea Estella, the band started out making the sort of earnest indie pop that dominated much of the noughties and early 2010s. Early songs like 2010’s “Lady Daydream” or “All Around and Away We Go” could sit comfortably alongside the mellowest material by Broken Social Scene or The Shins. However, the band did a complete 180 in 2014, changing their name from Twin Sister to Mr Twin Sister for the great Salt and letting house and jazz influences permeate their music. They remain one of the most fascinating and underrated bands of the past 10 years.

Early this year, Mr Twin Sister returned from a three-year leave of absence with “Diary/Expressions,” a double A-side that saw them delve further into the dancefloor. Their brand new single “Polvo” goes even deeper, letting cumbia rhythms dominate the track and placing an unforeseen premium on percussion. The whole tune is sung in Spanish, which is not a first for them. The lyrics are some of the best Estella has written; it’s a rumination on dust both as death particles and as the very stuff of living whose Bible overtones are not lost on anyone. According to the art single, “Polvo” is taken off the band’s new LP Al Mundo Azul, hopefully out sometime this year.

Mr Twin Sister Polvo artwork