JORDANN and MUNYA team up for Miyazaki-inspired track “Naoko”

Montreal musicians JORDANN and MUNYA celebrate their best qualities in a multilingual collaboration.

JORDANN and MUNYA have a lot in common. They both hail from Montreal; the two musicians trained in classical music while growing up; and it appears that they share a love for Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki. “Naoko” – their latest release that shares a name with a character in Miyazaki‘s most recent film The Wind Rises – blends multiple cultures with varied emotions in a multilingual, multidimensional single.

Jordan Hébert, who performs under the name JORDANN, has been steadily releasing smooth, easygoing singles since 2017. In 2018, Men I Trust‘s Dragos Chiriac produced “Ashore,” his first single in English. Since then, he released debut EP Connecting Visitors to Fun, which further established the singer-songwriter as a master of chill bops. Sonically, JORDANN pairs perfectly with MUNYA, a powerful artist in her own right whose hits including “It’s All About You” and “Boca Chica” have found a home on the playlists of every tastemaker worth their salt. However, where JORDANN‘s music revels in a dark smoothness, MUNYA‘s signature sound celebrates pep, fast tempos and psychedelic touches. Together, the pair create a track that contains layers of JORDANN‘s coolness with MUNYA‘s upbeatness. “Naoko” immediately features JORDANN‘s relaxed vibe, with a smooth baseline that grooves and moves throughout the track. MUNYA brings the pop with the inclusion of a playful drumbeat and bright synths.

“Naoko” chronicles a relationship that’s continuing on despite the challenges created through distance. The pair harmonize throughout, singing in one evocative section, “We’ve parted ways though the air still flows / I hear the winds you play and my heart still soars / I keep trying to rephrase what I overhear / It can be such a maze but I volunteer.” French lyrics are also peppered in alongside English words. “Naoko” conveys that overcoming difficulties – whether it be physical separation, a language barrier, or something else entirely – can be possible with deep love and perseverance. Still, there is a melancholic uncertainty that shines through in the single, leaving listeners to wonder if the couple portrayed will really pull through.

Claire Greising