Nabihah Iqbal shares two new singles ahead of forthcoming debut album

After the release of first single “Something More“, Nabihah Iqbal shares two singles “Eternal Passion” and “Zone 1 to 6000” ahead of release of debut album “Weighing of the Heart” out on December 1 via Ninja Tune.

Following the same 80s cold wave-inspired vibe, London-based artist shares her daily life experiences, the amount of joy and struggles she encounters everyday. In between a dream pop atmosphere and sombre vocals, she brings her many influences into her music. While “Eternal Passion” could easily be a The Cure b-side, “Zone 1 to 6000” reminds the likes of Ladytron. About both tracks, Nabihah Iqbal stated:

Both of these tracks were inspired by poetry, William Blake and Matthew Arnold. “Zone 1 to 6000″ is about London, and the different feelings and experiences of living in a big city. It’s also about figuring out a pathway – whether that’s pursuing what you want, or being stuck in a rut and compensating for routine and monotony by acts of escapism. “Eternal Passion” is about what makes people want to live. It’s about how struggle and pleasure are simultaneous forces that push us through mortality.

“Weighing of the Heart” is set to be released on December 1 via Ninja Tune. You can follow Nabihah Iqbal over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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