Nailah Hunter shares “Bleed” video ahead of debut album Lovegaze

“Bleed” is taken from Nailah Hunter‘s debut album, Lovegaze, out January 12 via Fat Possum.

LA-based multi-instrumentalist and composer Nailah Hunter has been on our radar for a couple of years. And this Friday, the artist, who draws inspiration from mystical folk and ambient music, will finally unveil her debut album. She began crafting Lovegaze with a Celtic harp during a trip to a small coastal city along the English Channel. A year later, she traveled back to England to finish the songs with the assistance of London-based producer Cicely Goulder.

“While I was writing Lovegaze, I was thinking about humanity’s propensity to destroy the things we love,” she says. “I was thinking about ancient ruins and structures that once provided shelter but no longer do. There’s beauty to be found in ruins, too.”

Before the album, Hunter just shared the video for “Bleed,” starring dancer Kearian Giertz. “I wrote ‘Bleed’ in Southsea with the Celtic harp,” she stated. “The song was born of a heartbreaking moment that I hadn’t had time to process until then. I let myself wallow and explore heartbreak tropes and clichés that I hadn’t engaged in since I was a teenager singing with my acoustic guitar in coffee shops. It felt really nice to reconnect to that part of myself with everything I’ve learned since then.”

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