Nailah Hunter’s harp transports on “Forest Dark”

Nailah Hunter‘s “Forest Dark” is out now through Leaving Records.

Harpist Nailah Hunter and producer Brogan Bentley elevate a soothing lo-fi harp loop through soulful composition with a hazy ambiance, Hunter‘s voice leading the listener down a path through the titular forest. Though brief, the track leaves a tranquil aura as it fades out that is certain to provide a brief respite from your worries.

A harp loop immediately establishes itself as the song’s centerpiece, buoyed by synths that together entice the listener as though they were a slipstream carrying a lone leaf down an untrodden path. A tenor sax flourish beckons the song to open up as subdued, cozily fuzzed percussion kicks in. The song comes into full view, accentuated by Hunter‘s lyricism that coaxes you further into the verdant unknown. Completely immersed now in the enchanted soundscape, Hunter‘s vocal musings and harmonies are an absolute treat. Clever interplay between vocal lines serves well as a cadre of onlooking forest sprites, accompanying some borderline sultry saxophone before they usher you back to reality. The voices fade and one last farewell from Hunter’s harp leaves your soul replenished and ready to return from this mystical excursion in a “Forest Dark.”

Jimmy Gutierrez