Nite Jewel – Boo Hoo


After a short comeback as AMTHST with her friend rapper Droop-E, Nite Jewel is ready to comeback with her solo career following her last album “One Second of Love” out in 2012. Listen here to “Boo Hoo”.

The upcoming album will be called “Liquid Cool” and is due to be released on June 10 via Gloriette Records, her own label. The album will contain 9 tracks, you can check the artcover and tracklist below. When it comes to “Boo Hoo”, the first unveiled track, we can recognize pretty easily the style of Nite Jewel : a mix between an aloof, broken voice with pop synths that would like to make us dance.


01 Nothing but Scenery
02 Was That a Sign
03 You Now
04 Kiss the Screen
05 Over the Weekend
06 Boo Hoo
07 I Mean It
08 Running Out Of Time
09 All My Life

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