Moscow producer OMMA invites us into the dreamland of new single “Sol Pleureur”

OMMA‘s single “Sol Pleureur” is now out on Coastal Haze.

OMMA is the creative alter-ego of Olga Maxima, a Moscow-based producer that crafts blissful and expansive dream pop, reminiscent of Grimes‘ “Halfaxa” era.

“Sol Pleureur” has a silken sound which washes around the atmosphere, a gently cradling sensation full of comfort. Although the track occupies a more minimalist approach, it still holds a lot of personality with the light ethereal-ness providing a glimpse into the peaceful existence of OMMA‘s soul. There is an innately freeing quality to “Sol Pleureur”, which in itself feels like a brief adventure through ones own idyllic mind. Her feather-like vocal flourishes are one with the ambient sound, creating an essence that flows calmer than any river or body of water. The video is set to old home VHS tapes of a young OMMA, a nostalgic trip back through the rose tinted warmth of childhood.

When played live, OMMA has enlisted real life plant life for “Sol Pleureur”, a video of which can be found on her Instagram. Watching the song being played by tapping pineapples and lightly squeezing the leaves of various plants adds to the dreamlike transcendence.

The artist will be touring France throughout August. Check her Facebook page if you want to know more about it.

Rachael Scarsbrook

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