Paper Lady return with subversive and ethereal track “EVE”

Paper Lady release bewitching take on the biblical Adam and Eve story with latest single “EVE.”

After meeting at Berklee College of Music, the five members of Paper Lady became fast friends and formed the band, with the dream of “one day living on a farm together, recording music, and dancing under the moon”. Following from their six track debut EP While You Should Be Sleeping released back in 2020, the ethereal freak folk quintet are now back with hypnotic and earthy track “EVE”.

Hailed as a retelling of the biblical tale of Adam and Eve from Eve’s perspective, “EVE” was released on the full moon, acting as a celebration of divine femininity. The track is comprised of soothing, wailing guitars that are somehow naturalistic in tone, evoking the emotive, primal sounds heard in nature. Added to the guitars are layered vocals provided by Paper Lady front woman Alli Raina to create this gorgeous witchy feeling. The track sounds like frolicking through a meadow at dusk feels.

“EVE” subverts the classic tale of the fall of man, focussing on the strange power that Eve has and the part that she played in the fate of humanity. With lyrics “poison apple on the tree/you’re made for two/I will take the blame/for its what I was born to do”, Eve is given a kind of passive agency, destiny and a prophecy which must be fulfilled.

Rachel Chandler