PatrickReza – Escape ft Aubren Elaine

A couple weeks ago I listened to this super dope track, “Let U Fall” made by this equally dope Hollywood-based producer PatrickReza featuring the vocals of this really cool artist Aubren Elaine. The collaboration worked really, really well and it left you wondering if another one would be in the works. Well fret not, the musical gods have taken pity on how terrible the year has been going and gave us another track featuring the talents of these two, this time with a bright, new number called “Escape”. Here is our review of the track, and good news: you can download it for free!

The track starts suddenly and bright.It’s hard to explain but it’s a distinct shade of a brilliant blue that is pulsating outwards, taking up all the space in the room. It’s crystal cut and sharp, like the light refracting through a diamond.

The energy of the music is contrasted by Aubren Elaine‘s distinctively cool and silky voice cutting through the rolling landscape of beats and synths like a river. What I love about her voice is that it surrounds you. It has a quality that sounds like it’s flowing through the walls. It is simultaneously just out of reach and lingering right behind your ear. She assures us repeatedly that we can escape this place, and I can’t help but believing her. Her voice draws you in, a beacon of light beckoning us to push through and pull yourself out of whatever darkness you are trapped in. The delicate quality to her voice provides a slightly more vibey and mellow undercurrent to the song that provides a good balance with all the pleasant sounds.

The beats progress with intensity and frequency but still maintain their bright, almost shimmery quality. They culminate and curve into a smooth drop that bounces and trills like splashing water. There’s an unmistakable feeling of freedom and confidence seeping through the track that is infectious. This is the track you listen to before stepping off to take that risk that will change your life. It carries itself like a torch leading you on your way.

PatrickReza has been releasing future bass inspired banger after banger and you should keep your eye out for this dude. He’s paving a path for himself that’s lined with layered synths and complicated beat patterns, and it’s coming straight for all of us. If you haven’t checked him out yet, escape the dull life you’re living with his track “Escape”.

PatrickReza and Aubren Elaine‘s new track “Escape” is a jolt of electricity, or a shot of caffeine that shocks your body and kick starts it into overdrive.

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