“Wake Up” with Pocket Sun’s trippy, stunning new single

Crystals and synths bring about change in Pocket Sun‘s latest video release.

To love Pocket Sun is to love synth pop. The Bristol-based band has leaned into electronica since their first releases in 2019. Since, they’ve put out a steady stream of futuristic singles and a dreamy EP that have paved the way for their forthcoming Binocular EP, slated for release in May.

“Wake Up,” the latest single from the up-and-comers, is a euphoric track that details the shift from self-doubt to self-discovery. The track begins with a bouncing synth base that blends with ethereal vocals from Gina Tratt, the singer, producer, and visual artist who heads Pocket Sun. Kicking off the song, she sings, “Expectation can be cruel / We navigate a maze of rules / Follow an impulse of mistrust / Nobody tries to question us.” Building towards the chorus, Pocket Sun urges listeners to “wake up.” As the track unfurls, the sound and lyrics become more confident. “Some perceptions cut like knives / But honey you, you saved my life,” Tratt concludes at the end of the track, a definitive statement that perfectly ties up the song.

The music video for the track is a color-infused romp filled with mystery and intrigue. Tratt stands in a field with a stalled car. As the sun shifts, she suddenly holds a glowing crystal that seems to symbolize the promise of the unknown. As the video comes to a close, a butterfly flies out of the rock—Perhaps hinting toward the metamorphosis that Pocket Sun and their audience have experienced throughout the course of the track.

Though their discography is lean, Pocket Sun has a full sound with a distinctive point of view. As listeners look forward to the upcoming EP (their first with Chiverin Records), “Wake Up” serves to satiate fans and preview the magic to come. Check out the fantasy-steeped video below.

Claire Greising