Alpen Glow is spellbinding with the anything-but “Boring Potion”

Alpen Glow‘s “Boring Potion” brings out the best of her dream pop roots and hypnotic style of songcraft.

Alpen Glow, the solo venture of BBQT and Born At Midnite‘s Amery Sandford, finds inspiration in simplicity. Whether that be in the immediacy of a commercial jingle, or the magnetism of a disco groove, Sandford brings to life a kinetic sense of connection, one that propels the listener out of their bedroom and onto the metaphorical dancefloor. Featuring Jack Bielli (BBQT) on guitar, Marta Cikojevic (TOPS) on keyboard, and David Carriere (TOPS) on production duties, her latest single “Boring Potion” finds a way to blend yacht-rock smoothness with a melt-in-your-mind melody and criminally catchy chorus to achieve this effect.

There’s a lot to love about this song: the teach-yourself-in-five-minutes synth-line, the gorgeous key chords, Sandford’s luscious voice that mystifies with lyrics of the apocalypse and witch’s brew. As if she’s jumping hopscotch, she sings the wonderful chorus of “Coming up on a boring potion/Feeling potent yet hardly noticed.” With light cymbal hits, padded drums and a wonky guitar lead to close out the track, the boring potion of the title proves to be anything but.

Zach Zollo