[PREMIERE] Fool’s Gold signee Madeaux gives a trap turn to Tallisker

It’s not a big surprise that we are super fans of the works by Glasgow-based artist Tallisker as not very long ago we premiere her remix of Totorro‘s banger “Brocolissimo.” So it is not a surprise that we are premiering today, Fool’s Gold signee Madeaux‘s remix of her track “Easter” taken from her last EP “Heliotrop.”

After premiering the remix in mixtape shared by the prestigious Nest HQ, here is the official release where he gets to explore the trap side of Tallisker‘s track, ready to make us bounce in the clubs. About the collaboration, she explained:

The idea of gathering a remix pack for “Heliotrop” became an evidence in the process of making it. Probably because I couldn’t analyze my own music myself I was curious to hear how other electronic musicians would interpret it. But I’m very picky and I wanted strong-willed, visionary, forward-thinking producers to tweak my tracks.

I discovered Madeaux in June 2016 thanks to a mix he made for Dancing Astronaut and it was an instant crush. Liquid gold. Really good track selection, the kind of mix I wanna dance to all day and night, exciting, fresh, energetic of course but most importantly, sensitive and classy. This is what makes Madeaux so special to me, he masters the art of tension and movement like a poet.

You can follow Tallisker over Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. You can follow Madeaux over Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. And finally follow YumYum over Facebook and Fool’s Gold over their Facebook.

Matias Calderon

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