[PREMIERE] Get ready to cry with Wy's new video for "Hate To Fall Asleep"

A few weeks ago, we completely fell in love with duo Wy and their track “Nobody Else” as it was named Thunderclap: Best New Music. So, it is with great pleasure that we premiere their new video for their track “Hate To Fall Asleep.”

Taken from their debut EP “Never Was,” this track is the perfect example on why we love the duo so much: hyper-dramatic sound, sad synths/guitars and everyday day anxiety is the core of their music. As Wy love to embrace sadness and explore the meaning of being full of doubt, we can all relate to their songwriting since we’ve all been through it. The whole package is completed with extreme catchy pop melodies, making you dance to exorcize the pain.

“It makes me smile, to think that people laugh at me, when I can barely laugh at myself” – Wy

On a Facebook post, singer Ebba reflects on her songwriting and concludes that she was being too hard on herself and shouln’t give a shit about what people think of her. Music comes to them as a way to put feelings on paper, think about it in the future and gain some confidence. We are directly reading to their diary and sharing their experiences. About the video, the duo explained over an email:

We wanted a darker mood for this video because it’s a darker track. Our friend Lina filmed it as a one-shot in a backstreet in London, just before new years eve. The song is about overthinking things, and being frustrated by it, so Ebba put on her attitude for this one. The mist helped.

You can follow Wy over Facebook and Twitter. You can listen to the audio below and listen to the EP “Never Was” here.

Matias Calderon

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