Wy shared emotional new track "Nobody Else" announcing their debut EP

Malmö-based duo Wy shared the kind of tracks that get us really emotional yet full of hope. “Nobody Else” is about dealing with yourself, your own anxiety and doubts. The perfect sad song you needed for the beginning of the winter.

It’s somehow written on the Scandinavian DNA to create sad songs that actually will make you feel better. They use their music as an escape for their own sorrow, as a way to exorcize it, creating a special connection with their audience, because sadness is an essential part of human nature. By exploring hopelessness and anxiety, the band tends to use melancholic pop music as an extent of their lyrics, through vocals reverbs and hazy guitars. The sound is heavy yet dreamy, capturing the essence of anxiety as a feeling that help us become someone better. On how from the darkness, you will get the strength you need to accomplish something better for yourself.

Thanks to “Nobody Else,” WY could express all of their anxieties and doubts we all experienced one day or another

Wy consists of true longtime lovers Ebba and Michel, who also unveiled last Friday their debut EP “Never Was.” As the first reflection on what you listen in the EP, “Nobody Else” is the perfect view on what the duo is capable of. The lyrics are intense and raw, without any lyrical artifices. “But I don’t need nobody else, nobody else but me” repeats Ebba with her fragile voice, as a call of self withdrawal to make yourself feel better.

Wy: “I find so many traits about myself that I can’t help to hate
I hate what I’ve become but I don’t wanna be nobody else”

With this first attempt, the duo is positioning themselves as certainly one of the acts to watch this year, and “Never Was” as one of our personal favorite EP. You can follow Wy over Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.

Matias Calderon

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