[PREMIERE] Listen to “Fool 2 Want U” by bedroom singer Seigneur

Bedroom singer Seigneur was described by his team as mix of “tea and nicotine” and we couldn’t agree more. A mix of raw lyrics, slow vocals and inspired production, “Fool 2 Want U” is the start of his 10-track “Black Series” that will be released in the next few months.

Working with Sūn Jùn (we premiered his track “Wǒ De Ài” a few months back), the artist created this new song as an interpretation of Billie Holiday‘s “I’m A Fool To Want You.” After adding some rough production, Seigneur insisted on keeping a raw, closed to feeling impression, to create a connection between heartache, hookers, despair and lust, his favorite themes.

His work might sound flawed but that’s actually the intention of the artist: to put the emphasis on the imperfection of human feelings and the feeling of being heartbroken.

You can follow Seigneur on Soundcloud, Instagram and Facebook.

Matias Calderon

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