PYNKIE falls in love at the cinema on latest upbeat indie-pop cut “movies”

New Jersey based whimsical and snarky talent PYNKIE returns with upbeat ode to being in love at the cinema with fresh offering “movies,” premiering today on HighClouds.

Following from last year’s stunning sophomore album #37, New Jersey’s very own nurse-singer-instrumentalist-90’s cartoon enthusiast Lindsey Radice aka PYNKIE returns with her latest off kilter, indie pop gem, “movies”.

Displaying a penchant for the romantic with a biting sense of humour, PYNKIE has made a name for herself by combining vulnerability with a sense of playfulness and fun. With the catchy hook of “take me to the movies, I just wanna be your friend”, “movies” confirms this direction. It details two love birds stealing glances at one another whilst – get this – at the movies! With delightfully relatable lyrics such as “Look at you while you’re looking at the screen” and a bouncing guitar, the track captures the nervous energy of a first date, emulating the excited and frantic behavior that comes with new love. The cinematic track plays like a capsule in time, a moment of falling in love caught in front of the silver screen.

Of course it wouldn’t be a PYNKIE track without some eclectic and imaginative sound play. Opening with a fade in of cinema chatter, the track unfurls with an 8-bit sounding metronome underlying the main guitars. It is also full to the brim with electronic tidbits hidden like easter eggs amongst PYNKIE’s husky voice, always at the helm of the track. And if her Instagram is anything to go by, the upcoming music video will be equally embracing of fun and frivolity. Can’t wait for the finale movie kiss.

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