Roller Derby sink into heartache on woozy dream pop ballad “Underwater”

Hamburg based dream-pop trio Roller Derby release their fourth single, the forlorn ballad “Underwater.”

Founded in the first half of 2020, Roller Derby is the indie pop trio from Hamburg and composed of Philine Meyer, Manuel Romero and Max Nielsen. Having already released three singles, the latest being the profound “Can’t See You”, the trio have recently returned with a dreamy new offering, recorded with producer and sound engineer Dennis Jüngel.

“Underwater” is Roller Derby‘s most melancholic track to date, centring around a lost love. The dramatic love story tells us of broken promises and a yearning that asks for their love interest to “hide underwater” with them. Much like their previous offerings, the track tenderly entwines 60’s tweepop sensibilities, 80’s dream-pop and something that’s almost bluesy in the yearning guitars whilst still managing to sound inherently fun.

Combining synths, solemnly plucked guitars and a woozy bassline, “Underwater” is elevated by Philine Meyer’s tender drawl that sings “I want to hide underwater with you”. Toeing the line between melancholia and swirling apathy, the track sets a breezy yet atmospheric tone.

Premiering with us today, the creative accompanying video directed by Denis Pavlovic sees the band swathed in shades of blue and green, the lights shimmering over them to create the effect of being in the ocean. Cleverly combining DIY lighting, green screen, projections and some good old-fashioned arts and crafts, the video calls to mind an underwater themed prom, you can almost see two lovers dancing under a canopy of green and blue streamers as “Underwater” plays.

Their new video then descends into campy chaos, with a papier-mâché octopus appearing and dancing alongside the band. And nothing is more romantic than a papier-mâché octopus hugging a piece of coral. Watch below.

Rachel Chandler