San Scout shared new indie-pop track “In/Balance” alongside a video game

Duo San Scout are back with a brand new track called “In/Balance” following the release of their “EP1” earlier this year. For the release of the new song, they also shared a video game where you can create your own San Scout-style song.

Their first EP captured a lot of attention thanks to their emotional approach of pop music, touching many hearts around the world. Their production is as close to emotions, alongside some exceptional song-writing. With this new track, they play with the dual conflict between chaos and control and how our lives are depending on those feelings.

With the track, San Scout decided to also share their magic, thanks to a video game where you can produce your own sounds thanks to the individual sounds of “In/Balance”, giving you the opportunity to share your own bootleg. By simply typing words, you get your own track. To do so, you can click here, to visit their website and play with their sounds. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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