Sara-Danielle lays her fears to rest on ambient new single “Scared”

Montreal’s Sara-Danielle dives into 2020 with dreamy track “Scared”.

For most of us – I’m pretty sure all of us – 2020 has been pretty horrific. So what better way to attempt to ease our souls than listening to a song about “letting go and moving into something fearless”. Sara-Danielle’s latest track, “Scared,” tells us to do just this. “The song talks about being scared but also wanting to let go and fall into the unknown,” she described. This seems apt, considering “Scared” marks her first new music since 2019’s EP Healing.

Taking elements from her signature style – “ginger ale pop” in her own words – and adopting a new, more soft and organic sound, “Scared” truly takes the opposite line on the meaning of the word; it sounds like an artist unafraid to experiment and switch gears with their own music.

Teaming up with Jesse Mac Cormack, who has already worked for the likes of Helena Deland, “Scared” has a melancholic yet purifying lilt to it. With sparsely strummed guitars and laid back drums driving the track, Sara-Danielle leads us on a confident yet relaxing journey into a new era for her music.

Accompanying the track is a visual directed by Sandrine Cadieux, which follows Sara-Danielle roller skating around her city in a near dream like fashion. With hazy shots of the artist interwoven alongside stunning scenery, the cinematic video emulates a trance-like mood. The movement of Sara-Danielle’s skates gives the video a real kinetic energy, one that guides the listener both into the haze of “Scared” and around the city streets with her.

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