Vaporwave powerhouse Satin Sheets announces new album with “Air 98”

“Air” is taken from Satin Sheets‘ sophomore album, St. Francis 2, out later this year on 100% Electronica.

Another lost album has been saved! Back in 2020, a few years after the release of his acclaimed debut album St. Francis, Satin Sheets started to work on a sophomore project but lost the final product because of a corrupted hard drive. Fortunately, 100% Electronica‘s George Clanton is a good computer technician. After he extracted the project from the hard drive, the groundbreaking album is now assured to have a sequel. This second part is set to adopt “a more seasoned perspective, conjuring nostalgia while also exploring wild new sounds.”

Alongside this exciting news, the New Zealand producer has already unveiled the balmy and lounge-y first single, “Air 98,” which gathers new-age, vaporwave and balearic chillout together. Just in time for the summer.

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