Vitesse X announces debut album, shares title track “Us Ephemeral”

Vitesse X‘s debut solo album, Us Ephemeral, is out March 25 on 100% Electronica.

Throughout these past few years, I have often flirted with the idea that existence is futile. How could you not? However, it’s naive to assume that the fruits for cherishing life are not found ripe for the taking. It’s not that life is futile; it’s that, in our mortal misfortune, it is fleeting.

Vitesse X recognized this when writing “Us Ephemeral,” the title track from her upcoming debut LP, during the initial wave of the pandemic. With the track, she “wanted to express that in embracing our impermanence, we can truly savor the moments that make us whole.” Building a depth of flavor with its endless simmer and dashes of spice, it can only be said that she brings this vision to fruition with flying colors.

As hypnotic in groove as it is mystifying in atmosphere, “Us Ephemeral” fuses the textures of ambient and techno with the pulse of rave and ghostliness of coldwave. Vitesse X’s vocals, reminiscent of Suzanne Vega and Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star, are interwoven effortlessly atop the water-level synths and bubbling bass of the beat. While its track would be fine in remaining in this dreamy landscape, it’s through adding the shouted samples that bring this track to the dance floor in a 90s club or factory.

The accompanying music video is the ideal aesthetic match for the song. Each frame is shot in a way to accentuate the dreamy, ethereal nature of the track, the fleeting feeling the artist expresses so well. You can watch the Jennifer Medina-directed video and pre-order the album via Bandcamp down below.

Zach Zollo