Persona La Ave and Baraka keep vaporwave alive with “Vapor”

“Vapor” is taken from Persona La Ave and Baraka‘s new album, out April 29.

Electronic music producers Persona La Ave and Baraka have teamed up once again for a new single titled “Vapor”. It is an early offering off an upcoming album under the same name slated for release on April 29. This isn’t the first time the duo collaborates. From the smooth instrumental electronics of “III” to the more texturally organic “IV”, Persona La Ave and Baraka put out two vaporwave-tangential records in the past few years. With their latest single, they seem to place a bigger emphasis on the inspirations of vaporwave rather than on the genre itself.

“Vapor” achieves the genre’s ethereal and soothing vibe while brightly avoiding common lo-fi aesthetics. The instrumental backbone of the song is incredibly funky. The bass synths pair with punchy drumbeats creating a great groove, which keeps the song constantly engaging throughout its runtime. The occasional saxophone flourishes are a great detail too and really bring “Vapor”‘s old-school influences home. Despite brimming with dreamy and nostalgic synths in pure vaporwave style, it refuses to stay the same with occasional little rhythm changes and pitch shifts.

The dialogue samples help the track to establish a true atmosphere of the lounge music vaporwave strives to be. However, where the classic vaporwave goes as far as only to be a nostalgic homage to the “easy listening” music of the past, Persona La Ave and Baraka‘s deconstructed take on the genre showcases them directly borrowing and redefining lounge in the context of the completely new landscape in the world of popular music. Impeccably crafted, the result is nonetheless still futuristic and more than fulfilling.

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