Seth Bogart – Forgotten Fantazy (Video)

Completely sexually charged new video by Seth Bogart who delivers for his single “Forgotten Fantazy” his whole person. Taken from his self-titled album, this video will definitely stay in our sex dreams minds

In this video, you can follow a Seth Bogart waiting in his bed for someone and that someone it turns to be himself who is about to make him discover the pleasures of BDSM. You can check him being the master of his own self thanks to a whip, bondage and violent kissing.

This track is taken from his album that is out tomorrow 19 via Burgers Records

UPDATE : Is Seth going to do a video for every track of the album ? He has now shared a video for the track “Hollywood Squares” where you can see him having fun in some sort of The Dating Game where a girl has to choose between many funny characters.

Bonus : You can also check the video for his track “Plastic!” that is way less sexually explicit but with a lot of auto-tune

Matias Calderon

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