Sevdaliza shared mythological video for "Human", announced her debut album

SCREAMING OF JOY! After releasing a series of EPs, Iranian-born Netherlands-based artist Sevdaliza finally gave some insights about her debut album that should be released during 2017. While, the record remains very mysterious, she shared the first single called “Human”.

The artist has never disappointed us, creating a whole persona around her, where imagery and music go hand-by-hand. With her much-awaited debut album, she is getting a lot of attention thanks to her incredible understanding of electronic R&B, magnetizing every listen with her sultry vocals. After releasing 2 EPs, it seems like Sevdaliza might be ready for her next big step to please her various fans. In the video for “Human”, she embodies a concept created by herself where she represents a centaur dancing in front of a room full of men watching. Directed by Emmanuel Adjei, she uses her voice and her particular way of dancing to mesmerize the viewers as a snake getting out of a basket.

Using the same path she draw with her previous tracks, Sevdaliza still manages to surprise us thanks to her frozen production and warm vocals. Being born in Tehran, she moved to the Netherlands at a very young age, where she could develop, after a career as a basketball player, her artistic skills. Repeating over and over “I’m human, nothing more than human” with all the physical and psychological that it implies, the artist delivers an intimate song. While the production might seem minimalistic, you can perceive that she is extremely detailed-oriented pushing the boundaries of the genre, where every single sound is there for a purpose: to emphasize her vocals.

Listen to Sevdaliza‘s amazing new single “Human” on our daily-refreshed Spotify playlist: DAILY DOSE FOR MUSIC JUNKIES.

We still don’t know yet when her debut album is going to be released, or how it will be called, but we are excited for sure! You can follow Sevdaliza over Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

Matias Calderon

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