Silver Liz grapple with the certainty of death on thrumming cut “Thousand”

Brooklyn based genre melding husband-wife duo Silver Liz unveil “Thousand,” a new single taken from their upcoming sophomore album.

Carrie and Matt Wagner, aka Brooklyn-based duo Silver Liz, have a penchant for taking listeners by surprise. With each release, the duo explore a different genre, retaining the airy vocals of Carrie and the production of Matt.

With their latest single “Thousand”, the second from their forthcoming sophomore album, Silver Liz grapple with the fear of death in an acoustic indie folk-goes-rock manner. Of the inspiration behind the track, Carrie said:

“For a few songs on the upcoming album, I wrote lyrics based on dreams I’ve had. It’s a nice well to draw from unless that well is full of nightmares…and mine is a lot of the time these days…Fear of death is admittedly not the most original topic in art, but death has been at the forefront of so many people’s minds because we’ve been on high alert to it from covid and environmental catastrophe. I’ve had an intense fear of death since I was a little kid because I was raised Christian and the concept of hell was unfortunately over-emphasized. So, for me, it feels like those intrusive thoughts are exacerbated.”

Sonically, the track reflects Carrie’s inner, unconscious turmoil through the haze of a dream; the unhurried, repetitive acoustic guitar accompanied by the soft drums and her textured vocals create a jarringly light sound; one that is at odds with her fears of death and rather macabre, nightmarish musings. However the outward, chaotic crescendo of “Thousand” serves a more cathartic and uplifting purpose as Carrie defeats her intrusive and harmful thoughts about death.

The accompanying visuals are taken from visionary film director Agnès Varda’s film “Cléo from 5 to 7”, specifically clips relating to the wait that the protagonist undertakes when trying to find out whether she has cancer.

Of the visuals and the decision to take the footage from a pre-existing film, Matt commented: “We actually first watched the film after the song was already written. There are so many scenes that perfectly illustrate the lyrics, so it was easy to create a video that matched the emotional arc of the song. It came together quickly.”

Silver Liz’s sophomore album is due later this year and we look forward to being continuously surprised by the duo.

Rachel Chandler

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