Silver Liz escapes daily routine on electro-shoegaze “Missing the Party”

“Missing the Party” is taken from Silver Liz’s upcoming album, It Is Lighter Than You Think.

After the gentle and beautiful acoustic arrangements of “Until Lately” and the shoegaze-adjacent “Thousand“, Carrie and Matt Wagner have taken some inspiration from electronic music to create an ambitious narrative-heavy song that feels very reminiscent of Beach House or early Sweet Trip.

For a song that is only 3 minutes long, “Missing The Party” englobes a very diverse and eclectic set of musical styles. The track kicks off with dreamy spoken-word passages and synthetic keys bouncing off each other to create a steady rhythm, just for it all to crumble under the chaos of chugging guitars and lo-fi drums. As the spoken-word bit ends, multiple synth arpeggios enter the mix creating a chaotic, yet beautiful and dreamlike soundscape, which feels like a digital reinterpretation of the foundations of shoegaze.

As vocalist Carrie explains, “the first third of the track draws from the commute-home drudgery so many people experience while working an unfulfilling 9-5 job. Then, the middle spoken-word section is me describing an actual very surreal dream I had, which was a combination of idyllic childhood imagery and mundane, yet anxiety-inducing work situations I encounter on a day-to-day basis. “When you sleep, your brain is trying to make sense of things, and can help reveal what you really want or don’t want. With that being said, I think the contrasting imagery in that dream speaks for itself.”

The video for “Missing the Party” plays into the vision of a city landscape morphed beyond recognition after being transposed to a digital reality. Watch the enrapturing, psychedelic visuals, support the track via Bandcamp, and check the recent photoshoot we made with the duo before their gig at Pianos.

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