Sink into the music with ‘RECONNECT’ by Tiger Tiger

Have you ever heard a song that you can just sink into like some sort of slow-moving vortex? That’s exactly how “RECONNECT” by Tiger Tiger makes me feel.

Tiger Tiger is a Munich-based self proclaimed “psychedelic-weirdo-pop-music project”. I think that’s a pretty accurate description of their music. The project is supported by an all women band (covering the synths, bass, drums, and vox). I mean, I thought this band was super rad already just by the quality of their music, but the all-female set has me completely sold. Let me tell you a little bit about “RECONNECT”, because it’s a hidden genius just waiting to blow your mind.

“RECONNECT” makes me feel like I am free falling through swirling blacks and midnight blues. It’s almost like the deep ocean has enveloped me and is slowly pulling me into her embrace. The music is all around you, with the sounds seeming almost three dimensional. You can turn your head and you can see the music all around you, suspended in the air, moving lazily. It’s psychedelic and wonderful and messes with your head in the best way possible. It’s a drug in the form of a 4 minute and 58 second song. 

Musically-wise, the song is super well done. The synth is super clean and well cut, but still able to retain an authentic quality to it. There are so many subtle nuances to the song and hidden layers. The synths and the drums form a silken pillow over which Tiger Tiger’s ethereal voice sensually slides across it. It’s a really smooth sound, so unmistakably the color of deep violet and gentle lilac. “RECONNECT” honestly gets better with each listen.

“RECONNECT” is about the dynamics of a close relationship and the dialogue that occurs between the two. There is something indescribably wonderful about the deep connection between two people who understand each other completely. It doesn’t even have to be romantic, the beauty of the connection between two souls who know each other really well and can bounce energies off each other is unmistakable. The song is about how we are always in motion, just nonstop movement, and constantly trying to reconnect and get back that lost dynamic.

Tiger Tiger is up and coming and honestly landed on the scene running (check out their interview on HighClouds!). “RECONNECT” absolutely blows my mind of how amazing it is. They hinted at how a new EP is ready to drop, and I’m pretty excited. They deserve a listen, so check them out.

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