Kyler Slater shares slinky dark-pop single “Stay Away”

Alt-pop Kyler Slater‘s second single “Stay Away”, is an R&B-accented slow burner soaked into swirling electronic nuances.

The latest offering of Kyler Slater‘s debut EP “Vacant”, follows the release of his equally accomplished lead single “Through the Motions” back in August.

Like its title suggests, “Stay Away” is a song about “a super heavy experience”. Reminiscing about a past love in ultra-relatable terms, the LA-based artist begs a toxic lover to stay away from him. The song’s catchy melody and Kyler‘s range invites listeners to sing along as he tries to find peace from his tormenting thoughts over the shadowy, infectious production.

Speaking about the meaning behind “Stay Away,” Kyler Slater shared:

“Stay Away” is a cautionary tale, about a situation where I gave too much of myself to someone, who wasn’t good for me and who didn’t care about my well being or how things ended for me. Be careful who you let get close.

In other words, don’t awaken someone’s love without the intention of genuinely loving them back.

Like many American creative souls, Kyler Slater moved to Los Angeles to take advantage of the opportunities the city has to offer and most importantly, find himself individually and artistically. His previous project “Just Hooligans” with his friends from Salt Lake City was more acoustic-pop driven and didn’t really work out. Though his alternative R&B take isn’t ground-breaking by any means, it is an easily digestible and relatable piece, giving us a reason to believe Kyler Slater has a firm place in the future of the R&B realm.

Kyler Slater is also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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