Slip into some “Bathwater” by WESLEE and enjoy the vibe

Discover WESLEE‘s new single: ‘Bathwater’.

Several hundred years after the United States dumped British tea into a harbor, the UK and US have forged a deep connection. From teaming up for both World Wars, to the Cold War, and to even now in the 2010’s with both countries voting in pro-racist policies/people ([cough] Trump [cough, cough] Brexit); the countries seem to have a special relationship. Another (and a wonderful) result of this relationship has been alt-pop duo WESLEE.

WESLEE has members from two coasts, with one from New York, and the other from London. This duo has come together in the best way, creating a musical tapestry with electronic and analog sounds. The duo rose to prominence with their haunting track “Gassed” and they’re back again with the chillest, vibeable, most relaxing track “Bathwater”.

WESLEE‘s new single “Bathwater” is decidedly a deep cerulean and a pleasant, fruity kind of sour.

Sometimes when I listen to a song, I try to find a color or a taste to associate it with, because it’s the best way to convey the nonverbal effects a song has on you. “Bathwater” is decidedly a deep cerulean and a pleasant, fruity kind of sour. It’s a combination of smoothness and peacefulness with brightness and vibrancy.

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The track has a toned down introduction, with vocals leading the way with simple chimes paving the way. The verse is framed by a steady beat, with the vocals coming to the forefront. It’s nice and steady, with the lead singer’s voice spreading over it. At the chorus is where the track really works its magic. The backing music flowers and blooms to envelop the vocals. The synths gently dip and fall, much like slipping into a bath. It’s really calming to listen to, while still maintaining a quiet strength to it. The track has a certain warmth to how it sounds, but it’s still really fresh and bright and original. 

The vocals have an almost other-wordly vibe to them. The chorus is sung as a duo, and makes it interesting to hear.  The quality of the vocals can be described almost like quiet bubbles, just floating gently through the air. It’s airy and incorporeal while still having the strength and substance to root the melody into itself.

“Bathwater” is a synthesis of sounds and vocals that comes together in the best way water. There’s a smooth fluidity to the vocals and the music, but there’s also a spritely spring to it. It rolls and flows through your ears and your mind. I want to sink into the ethereal musical landscape presented. WESLEE seems to be a force to be reckoned with that can’t stop making groovy, vibey tracks. Like, wow, the more I listen to this track the more I love it. All I want is just to sink into some “Bathwater”.

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Sree Kariyadan

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